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Rate List for websites

(Rs. )
Registration * 1000
Domain * 4000
Service Charge * 1000
One-time charges
Informative site 0
E-commerce site 7000
Custome site (Per page) 350
Payment Gateway
Installation 5000
Maintenance * 2400
* payable annually.
All sites are dynamic and responsive - look alike on mobile and desktop.

Terms and Conditions:
Following are the terms for entering into contract with BESTWEBSITEMAKERS.

1. The website will remain the property of BESTWEBSITEMAKERS and all copyrights shall vest with BESTWEBSITEMAKERS.
2. If customer already possesses a domain and wants to retain that domain name, he shall obtain the APP code/ Authorization code from his previous service provider make it available to BESTWEBSITEMAKERS within a week.
3. The customer organization shall have the option to transfer the site to its server at any time and consequently obtain ownership of the site on payment of ownership charges to BESTWEBSITEMAKERS.
4. The customer organization shall have right to use the site for the period for which they have paid maintenance charges in advance subject to other terms and conditions agreed to.
5. The customer organization shall not use the website for any purpose that is unethical, illegal or immoral.
6. Customer organization shall not post any photograph or material that may be considered obscene or my hurt the feelings of any individual, any religion, cult or any section of society.
7. The customer organization will not post any photographs or any other material that is copyrighted by any third party.
8. The customer organization shall be fully responsible for all the material posted on the site and its consequences.
9. The customer organization shall be given username and password for administrative control of the site only after full payment is made for the fabrication charges of the site.
10. The customer organization shall provide the matter to be incorporated on the site, within 7 days. Only matter provided within this period shall be uploaded by BESTWEBSITEMAKERS without any additional cost.
11. The customer organization will point out the deficiencies in the site within 7 days after the site is completed. If the deficiencies are not communicated within this period of 7 days, the site will be deemed to have been accepted to the satisfaction of the customer.
12. The customer organization shall pay retainer / maintenance charges in advance, at least 15 days before the expiry of the existing/ current period of maintenance.
13. BESTWEBSITEMAKERS will have unconditional right to stop the entry of customer to the site and dispose off/ resell the site along with its name if the fabrication charges or retainer fee/ maintenance charges are not paid in time.
14. BESTWEBSITE will have the right to extend the period of site at its own cost if the customer organization does not pay maintenance charges in time. In such a case, the customer organization shall have no right on the site and BESTWEBSITEMAKERS shall have option renew the contract for after charging fee for delayed payment or to sell the site to anyone else.
15. BESTWEBSITEMAKERS shall have right to modify the site and technology used at any time.
16. BESTWEBSITEMAKERS can renovate / expand the site at any time on request of the customer organization by charging additional fee for fabrication and enhance the maintenance charges.
17. The responsibility of uploading the data lies with the customer. BESTWEBSIREMAKERS will be obliged to take up this job only on payment made in advance for this purpose.
18. BESTWEBSITEMAKERS reserves the right to use the sites made by it for its publicity at any time and in any manner. BESTWEBSITEMAKERS may post their ad at any place in the website made by it.
19. Any disputes between the customer organization and BESTWEBSITEMAKERS shall be decided by mutual respect and dignity and if it becomes impossible to solve any issue by maintaining the mutual respect, the contract will be deemed to have been cancelled without any liability on either side.

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